Be connected with musicians
From around the world!

You can have your virtual studio via the internet
Create music with like-minded people anytime, anywhere.

Let’s find someone to play with.

No music production software is required. BAND-ONLINE allows you to plug and play your instruments using Internet browser.
All you have to do is connect your instruments to your computer and you can now record your tracks right away.

Expand your possibility and showcasing yourself!
You can play with new people and distribute your song to the whole world without any constraint.

BAND-ONLINE can be used for reharsing with your real band mate without worring about time.

Spread out your music via BAND-ONLINE!.

Any contents recorded in the BAND-ONLINE generate URL, so you can share them over the internet instantly.

Let’s share your music right away via Twitter, Facebok or your favorite apps.

Use BAND-ONLINE to promote yourseld and to find someone to play with.

You can use mobile phones when you just want to listen to the music and sharing them to the friends. If you want to record your track, You will need computer.
Blog widgets can be generated so you can use them for your blog.