Terms of use

Terms of use

These terms of use (hereinafter referred to as "terms".) establish the terms of use for the service, Band Online (hereinafter referred to as "service") offered on this website by flagment LLC (hereinafter referred to as "the company".). Registered users (hereinafter referred to as "users".) are permitted to use this service according to these terms.

Article 1(Application)

These terms apply to all relations between the user and the company regarding the use of this service.

Article 2 (Registration)

Registration is completed by applying for registration through the methods specified by the company, and acceptance of this application by the company.
Should the company determine that the applicant meets any of the following conditions, the company may not accept the application and bears no obligation to disclose anything regarding their reasoning.
(1) The applicant has submitted false information in the registration application
(2) The application is from an individual who has previously violated this agreement
(3) If the company has determined that the applicant is not suitable for any other reson

Article 3 (Management of user IDs and passwords)

User will be responsible for managing their user IDs and passwords for this service.
Users may not lend or transfer their user IDs and/or passwords to any third parties for any reason. If an individual logs in with a user ID and password that matches registered information, the company shall assume that the individual logging in is the individual who registered the registered information.

Article 4 (Fees and payment methods)

Registration and this service are free of charge.
Content of paid services, fees, payment methods, etc. are determined separately by the company as compensation for use of this service, and the fees that appear on this website shall be paid through methods determined by the company.

Article 5 (Prohibitions)

Upon using this service, users are prohibited from doing the following.

(1) Acts that violate the law or public morals
(2) Acts related to criminal activity
(3) Acts that destroy or interfere with the company's servers or networks
(4) Acts that interfere with the operation of the company's services
(5) Acts to accumulate or collect personal information from other users
(6) Acts of impersonation of administrators or other users
(7) Acts that violate or threaten to violate the copyright, patent, intellectual property, privacy or publicity rights of the company or third parties.
(8) Acts of reproducing or using songs, etc. that have been uploaded to this site beyond the scope of the Creative Commons license and without the consent of the rights holders (creators).
(9) Acts of unfair discrimination or slander against the company or third parties, acts that promote the unfair discrimination against third parties, or damage the honor or trust of third parties.
(10) Acts related to the company's services that provide profit either directly or indirectly to antisocial forces
(11) Other acts deemed inappropriate by the company

Article 6 (Suspension of the provision of services, etc.)

If the company may terminate or suspend all or part of use of this service without prior notification to users for any of the following reasons.
(1) Maintenance or updating of the computer systems pertaining to this service
(2) Provision of this service is hampered due to acts of God, earthquakes, lightning, fires, power outages or natural disasters
(3) Computers, telecommunication lines, etc. are stopped due to accident
(4) Any other situation in which the company determines that provision of this service is difficult
The company shall not be liable for any reason whatsoever for any damages incurred by users or third parties due to suspension or interruption of the provision of services.

Article 7 (Restriction of use and unregistering)

The company may, without notice, in the following cases, restrict the use of all or part of the service to users, or cancel the registration of users.
(1) If any of the articles of these terms are violated
(2) If false information is discovered in information entered into registration
(3) If the company otherwise determines that a user's use of this service is not appropriate
The company shall not be liable for any damages caused through the acts of users using this service.

Article 8 (Disclaimer)

The company shall be exempt from obligations in cases other than those of deliberate or gross negligence of this service.
If the company is found liable for any reason, the company shall bear responsibility for compensation only within the range of damages that can normally occur and within the range of the price of paid services (1 month worth in the case of continuous service)..
The company shall not intervene in communication between users. Should conflict between users arise, the users involved shall resolve the conflict between themselves and the company shall not bear any responsibility.

Article 9 (Change of service contents, etc.)

The company reserves the right to change the content of this service or discontinue the provision of this service without prior notice to users, and the company shall not bear any responsibility for any damages occurred to users through this.

Article 10 (Change of terms)

The company reserves the right to change these terms at any time when deemed necessary without prior notification to users.

Article 11 (Notification or contact)

Notifications or contact between users and the company shall be conducted in methods prescribed by the company.

Article 12 (Licenses, etc. for music sources and other information)

Copyright of music sources and other information posted using this service and other all rights shall belong to users that create the music sources, etc..

However, the creative rights of a performance/piece of an individual user shall be usable by ths company or a third party within the range belonging to the Creative Commons 4.0.
All performances/pieces posted on this service shall be considered registered under the "Attribution - Noncommercial - inheritance (= BY-NC-SA)" of the Creative Commons license.
For commercial use based on a consensus among the users the company will generally not get involved.

The Creative Commons license was adopted to protect the rights of user's works to realize collaborations between musicians, and to achieve healthy management and our future commercial user between users. To learn more about Creative Commons, check here .

The company reserves the right to use and change user posted music and other information within the boundaries necessary to build, improve, and maintain the company's system to smoothly offer this service.
For use of images and other information in the form established in the preceding paragraph, the company reserves the right to omit part of the information or display of names.

Article 13 (Deleting authority).

The company reserves the right to delete or take actions to alter the scope of disclosure of all or part of music and other information regardless of the illegality or violation of terms of the music and other information under the following conditions.
-If a public authority or an expert indicates or offers the opinion that the information in question is illegal, immoral, or violates the rights of others, etc.
-If there is a claim from a third party regarding the music or other information.
-If the company determines that posted songs or other information infringes on the copyright of a third party.
-If the company otherwise determines that there is some issue with the music in question.

Article 14 (Governing law and jurisdiction)

These terms shall be interpreted through governing law and Japanese law.
Should conflict arise regarding this service, exclusive jurisdiction by agreement shall lie in the court that has jurisdiction over the location where the company's head offices are located.


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