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Companyflagment LLC
Person in chargeNobuhiroIto,DaisukeYamazaki,HiroyukiFujie
Zip code〒140-0001
AddressTop Room Shinagawa 1015,1-9-7,Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo,Japan
Sale priceThe monthly rate for premium members is 300 yen (excluding tax). Unless a request for termination of service is made by the customer, the monthly billing and deduction processing will continue automatically either at the end of every month (for credit cards) or monthly after the initial purchase date (for Paypal). Please note that a daily rate payment based on the date of registry/cancellation will not be done.
Date of payment and payment methodPayment shall be through a credit card in the user's name in a single installment. However, if authorization is not obtained from the individual card companies, the order will be cancelled. Please be forewarned. The due date of payment shall be based on the terms and conditions of the individual card companies.
Time of delivery of goodsPurchased goods shall be available immediately after purchase.
Cancellation and terminationCustomers may execute cancelation of the monthly billing on their own.
About refunds and defectsDue to the nature of this service, refunds are not available. However, if this service cannot be used do to a defect, please contact us through the below contact information.
Fees other than commodity price-related feesThe customer shall be responsible for their internet communication fees.
Recommended environmentPlease use the latest version of Google chrome. Internet Explorer, FireFox, and safari are not supported.
For smartphones and tablets, viewing-only is possible.
OtherFor items not covered in this display, please refer to the terms of use.